Why Wright & Well

why wright and well

The (R)evolution of Wellness

A growing number of wellness-minded people are seeking solutions outside the mainstream medical system. Our overall health as a society depends on this paradigm shift to happen. Not next month, next year, next decade.


We demand products that ease us. Immediately. Products that are pure and natural in form. Products that are pulled from the earth. Products that create a stronger mind body connection and fold into the lifestyles we forge.

Products like these have a synergistic effect and help make a person whole. We fundamentally believe that a whole person is also happy and healthy. A healthy person helps creates a healthy family. Healthy families can create connected communities. Connected communities create strong societies. Strong societies bring freedom. And peace.

The revolution of wellness is born from each of us. As humans we have a great propensity for change. We believe the ability to transform a society can start with each of us, if we are willing to be whole. To seek peacefulness. To have the ability to simply be.

Introducing Wright & Well

Wright means “a maker of”. Wright & Well means “a maker of wellness.”

This is more than words on paper. Our team and our process bridges science and 30 years of Ayurvedic practice so you receive the best of both worlds from East to West. And West to East.

Meet our line up of humble greatness.

Join us as we stride through this fast-emerging and ever-changing world. Through plain talk and transparency, we promise to be your source.

Join us and take your next step to being whole.

Why Wright & Well

We want to compel users to experience the same sense of freedom from looking and feeling as great as they do from making the decision to purchase Wright & Well. Life with Wright & Well makes sense. It feels like a natural addition and a life decision that is positive in many ways.

The Science & Our Body

The science of scent and its effect on the human psyche is well established and expanding. Fragrant ingredients such as essential oils, natural aromas and complex molecules provide a nearly infinite number of combinations of mixtures and reactions. The addition of cannabis, a complex symphony of constituents in its own right, contributes to even further synergy. Our understanding of the harmonious communication within plants to produce the right outcome of the product, elevates our line beyond anything available in the market.

Our sense of smell is directly connected to the limbic system in our brains, which plays a role in our motivation, emotion, learning and memory. This means that fragrances trigger memories and stimulate emotions all of which impacts human behavior and consumer choice.

Hemp Root Oil: Proprietary Extraction

Our proprietary extraction method for processing hemp root oil provides us the fullest (and most complete) spectrum of terpenes and other powerful active compounds like triterpine friedelin. Our philosophy is that you don’t need to add it back in, if you don’t take it out in the first place. We use our ingredients as nature, naturally, intended; clean and pure, without compromise.

Carefully Selected Strains

We use a single pass alcohol extraction method using carefully selected strains of pesticide-free and non-GMO flowers for our THC distillates with cannabinoids and terpenes intact. This combination creates the entourage effect for the highest therapeutic outcome as the cannabinoids and terpenes complement and enhance one another.

Ethically Sourced Ingredients

We have worked diligently to source the highest quality, sustainable ingredients from around the world. Powerful combinations of spices and herb oils inspired by the knowledge of ancient science ensures the intended healing and therapeutic benefits.

Uncompromising Quality

We put quality and care first. We approach product development with intent and a conscious mindset. Starting from the seed through to production; we understand every element of the interactions of cannabis genetic compounds with other plant species through to consumer emotions.

We are Accountable

We strictly adhere to rigid industry regulations and safety standards. The carefully selected strains and ratios are all expertly researched in a professional lab. Our Wright & Well formulations are then meticulously crafted to ensure all products are manufactured according to the highest quality of standards in clean manufacturing surroundings.